Recent trip to Uganda

Recent trip to Uganda

We’re now back from Entebbe where we were able to spend time with the teachers and children at the school. The profits from Kickstart are currently covering around half of the school’s salaries and food costs. We’re delighted with this achievement but more focused than ever to ensure all the salaries can be paid and the children can be fed every day. 

The children attending the school are typically from the local community of single mothers and grandparents. We met an 86 year old grandmother who is left bringing up eleven grandchildren. They all live in single room and without the support of The Early Learning School the children would not be attending school or eating enough.

Because food prices have tripled since March, the community food project has been paused to ensure the children have breakfast and lunch everyday. We have set up a food bank at a local shop where the community mothers can go in case of emergencies.

Over the next few weeks we’re launching our Christmas gifts to raise £1,500 to purchase an Eco stove. The firewood currently needed to cook the school meals has significant financial, environmental and health costs. Eco stoves use local volcanic rock and small fans to reduce the firewood needed by 85% and are smoke free. Keep an eye out for our gift bags, coffee taster packs and locally made crafts.  


For Christmas, we are also launching a speciality ‘Sekukulu Roast’. Sekukulu means Merry Christmas in Luganda. The coffee is a washed arabica from the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda. With taste notes of Milk chocolate, apple juice, cardamom and black tea, it’s perfect for Christmas. 

If you would like to hear more about our recent trip, join us on Zoom on Sunday 13th November at 5pm.

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