Making a difference one cup of coffee at a time

Making a difference one cup of coffee at a time

January was an exciting month for us. Not only did we reach our goal of fully funding the teachers' salaries and food requirements for the school, but we have continued expanding into new companies throughout the UK. This has enabled us to send even more money to our project. We have a way to go to make this goal sustainable but it's a great start to the year.

We are passionate about sourcing our coffee directly from the farmers. Not only does this ensure that the farmers are paid fairly for their beans, but it also ensures that our customers receive a high-quality product. On our visit to Uganda in March we were introduced to Dream Coffee. They source green beans directly from the coffee farmers. They are transparent about pricing and making sure that everyone involved in the production process is being treated fairly. They work closely with the Friends of Mothers Initiative which empowers women farmers to grow and sell coffee in order to receive a bigger share of the revenue from the coffee industry. We are delighted to say that last week seven tonnes of Arabica coffee arrived which should last us six months.

Last year, we were approached by four talented film students to create a series of short films as part of their final project. Below is a small documentary explaining the journey so far and how coffee is impacting so many people's lives in Uganda. 

Without your support, none of what we do would be possible. On Monday the children in Uganda return to school after their Christmas break. We're grateful for your support as we continue expanding online and into new companies. Thank you again for helping make this world just a little bit brighter with every sip of coffee!

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