Greetings from Uganda

Greetings from Uganda

It's been a week since I touched down in Uganda. The impact we’re having is evident, especially for the single mothers whose children can now attend school for free and receive food bundles every week. By funding the teachers many more children can now learn in a safe environment without needing to pay fees. There are still many more children in the community who don’t attend school. By employing more teachers we’ll be able to support these too. 

On Tuesday, we visited the coffee suppliers who directly support the farmers on Mount Elgon. It was a wonderful experience to see how the coffee is processed and graded before being shipped to the UK.

One of our aims is to ensure that all children attending the school sleep under mosquito nets to limit the risk of malaria. The children tend to sleep on the floor on mattresses so we are going to provide each household with metal bunk beds and a mosquito net.

When the children leave The Early Learning School they move to the local secondary schools. David was one of these, he’s 19 and training to be a mechanic. We will be contributing £140 to fund the remainder of his course so he can become a registered mechanic.

We have launched new coffee gift bags that have been designed and made in Uganda. From the sale of each bag £6 will go towards funding teachers salaries. All orders will be shipped on Wednesday in time for Mother’s day.

Thank you for all your support.

In my next blog I will introduce you to a family who have two year old quadruplets.  We are currently looking into how we can support this family to keep the children clean, safe and healthy. 

Thank you for making an impact through buying our coffee.

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