More Kickstart beans coming!

More Kickstart beans coming!

This month we’re delighted to report that Stewart has continued to recover from his heart operation that took place in May. Agnes this week shared that Stewart is enjoying singing for the first time without being out of breath. His operation and recovery has been life changing and we look forward to watching him grow and develop.

In addition to funding Stewart’s operation, Kickstart Coffee has paid for two teacher’s salaries. It’s a privilege to support the teachers that are working hard to deliver education to the children attending the school. Schools in Uganda are still not fully opened due to another Covid surge but the children that live at the school have been able to continue their education during this difficult time. Supporting the teachers means that they will remain in a paid job and do not need to look for other incomes to support their families. 

We have just placed an order for a tonne of green beans from Mount Elgon, Uganda. Since August we will have imported 2.1 tonnes! The green beans are AA grade which is a premium quality. The farmers are preparing to start the drying and pulping process before shipping to the UK. We expect the beans to arrive at the beginning of August. Buying direct means we can ensure the hundreds of farmers that grow the coffee plants are able to support their families.. Fun fact: Did you know that the coffee beans are called cherries before they are pulped?

Kickstart goes wholesale! We are delighted  to have secured our first wholesale deal. We’ll be delivering Kickstart beans in 5kg reusable tubs minimising packaging costs. Please do get in touch if you know of any local business that use coffee beans and would like to support our project. We are also preparing to attend farmers markets in the coming months which will help spread the Kickstart story as well as increase our sales. We are always grateful for your support and love of coffee. 

For fathers day, there is free shipping in the UK until Wednesday 16th June using discount code: FATHERSDAY


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