The story so far… Steep learning curves!

The story so far… Steep learning curves!

In July last year we ordered our first batch of green coffee beans from the farmers who grow them on Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda. Looking to test the market, we ordered just 120Kg. However, a glitch in the money transfer app, sent the money twice so we ended up doubling the order!

Next we needed a name. Thank you to those of you who came up with some great ideas, and especially to Sara Sloman who suggested Kickstart Coffee which we felt summarised the purpose and energy behind our project. Working with Franchesco, a local graphic designer in Uganda, we created a brand which reflects the bright colours common in the local fabrics. 

A big thank you to David Manston who helped with registering the business as a community interest company (non profit) and got us all set up with HMRC. 

When the beans landed at Heathrow we had to figure out how to become an importer with all the associated registrations and admin, and then get the beans to Cambridge! Next came sourcing packaging that was as eco as possible, and finding a roaster! The team at Coffee World have been very supportive roasting, grinding and packaging the coffee. 

At the same time we needed to create a fully functional website that went live in October. The orders soon started coming in and by early November we placed another order for 360kg with the farmers! Through November and December we also opened a popup shop at the Raft Market in central Cambridge to capitalise on the passing Christmas trade.

The sales to date have far exceeded our expectations, generating over £2,000 in profits. In the next blog we’ll update you on how this money is being used to transform lives and the beans are already starting to make dreams a reality.  

If you’re enjoying the coffee please do let us know on Social Media to help get the word out there!

Thank you all for your support!

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I love your story and your coffee!
All the best for the fUture!

Richard Grigsby

The coffee is fantastic, and what an amazing Story!


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