Transformative trip to Uganda

Transformative trip to Uganda

Hannah's recent visit to Mount Elgon, Uganda, wasn't just about sourcing coffee; it was a transformative experience that revealed the remarkable story behind each cup of Ugandan coffee. Hannah, along with a group of coffee enthusiasts, took the trip organised by the International Trade Centre in collaboration with the Uganda Coffee Federation to showcase Ugandan coffee to the UK market. We visited various coffee producers, including the women farmers who grow our coffee beans.

Seeing firsthand how the way we buy our coffee supports an entire community on Mount Elgon was inspiring. Sharing a cup of Kickstart Coffee with the farmers, made from the coffee beans they had grown was an experience they had never had before. We are thrilled to support these women farmers and with our partner, Dream Coffee Uganda will to explore how we can assist the farmers in other ways too.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond sourcing the best coffee beans. Each month, we plant an average of 60 fruit trees. Some of these trees will be planted on Mount Elgon, providing coffee farmers not only with food and income but also essential shade for their coffee plants.

Hannah's visit to the school and community was another heartwarming experience. While the children were on holiday, teachers, carpenters and electricians were busy preparing for their return. New dining furniture and a complete rewire all contribute to a brighter future for the school.

Meeting the 11 children transitioning to secondary school in February was particularly touching. The profits from  Kickstart Coffee sales provides them access to the next level in their education, breaking the cycle of poverty and hardship.

Thank you for choosing Kickstart Coffee and being part of this journey. Together, we are making a real difference, one cup at a time.


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