At Kickstart we care about kids, not just their health and welfare but knowing that they are smiling from the inside out. 

We have personally been supporting The Early Learning School in Entebbe, Uganda for 15 years and last year we thought, what if we could bring kids, care and coffee together. One year on Kickstart Coffee was born.

The school is a registered non-government organisation and cares for orphaned and vulnerable children, many of who do not have families. There are currently 120 children at the school aged from 4 to 12 years. Children older than 12 attend local secondary schools and return to the school for safe housing and food.

Kickstart's purpose is to support the children attending this school and provide school fees for the older children at secondary school. We also support projects at the school that teach the children skills such as making books, sewing and growing mushrooms to sell. 


Meet the Kickstart kids

Name: Alvin 

Age: 5 years old

Time at the school: 3 years

Siblings: 1 sister

Favourite thing about school: Its fun and I have many friends

Hobbies: Fixing broken wires

Favourite food: Posho and Beans

Dreams in life: An engineer

Name: Jobez 

Age: 12 years old

Time at the school: 4 years

Siblings: 2 sister

Favourite thing about school: Singing and dancing

Hobbies: Singing, dancing and football

Favourite food: Fish and rice

Dreams in life: Musician