Celebrating Stewart's Recovery

Celebrating Stewart's Recovery

We are delighted that Stewart is recovering well from his heart operation which took place as planned on Friday.

Agnes and Christine stayed with Stewart for the past week supporting and caring for him during his hospital stay. On the day of his surgery he woke up early excited for the day ahead. The operation took around three hours followed by three hours of recovery in intensive care. Later that day Stewart moved back to the general ward. The nurses visited regularly to give him pain relief, antibiotics and to check his pulse. Yesterday Stewart was in some pain, finding it hard to move and walk. This is to be expected for any major operation and we’re grateful Stewart had Agnes and Christine to provide all his care and help him eat.

Today Stewart has woken up with his usual smile and looks healthy and happy. We have attached a small video of him in hospital with Christine.

Stewart has an echo scan tomorrow before being discharged into Agnes’ care to continue his recovery at her home.

We are very grateful for the skilled surgeons and nurses that have given Stewart the chance of a better life. This has all been achieved by your support.

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