Why choose Kickstart coffee?

By choosing Kickstart Coffee you are supporting orphaned & disadvantaged children at the Early Learning School in Entebbe, Uganda.

All profits contribute:

* Providing essential food and accommodation, ensuring the children receive three meals a day & sleep under mosquito nets
* School fees for children at secondary school
* Salaries of the teachers at the Early Learning School
* Medical costs e.g. recently we funded a heart operation for a young pupil.

Our beans are sourced directly from farmers on Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda and roasted locally in Cambridge.

Introducing the children in Uganda

Blog posts

Full Time, Full Beans

Two weeks ago I stepped down after 20 years as a Paediatric nurse to focus on Kickstart Coffee. I am delighted with the impact we have already had and looking forward to what we can achieve now it's my primary...

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More Kickstart beans coming!

This month we’re delighted to report that Stewart has continued to recover from his heart operation that took place in May. Agnes this week shared that Stewart is enjoying singing for the first time without being out of breath. His...

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Celebrating Stewart's Recovery

We are delighted that Stewart is recovering well from his heart operation which took place as planned on Friday. Agnes and Christine stayed with Stewart for the past week supporting and caring for him during his hospital stay. On the day of...

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Kickstart Coffee Wholesale

Get in touch if you would like wholesale quantities for your business.