At Kickstart Coffee we care greatly about kids, not just their health and welfare but knowing that they are smiling from the inside out. We also care about Uganda, where we have lived, worked and volunteered.

And that got us thinking, what if we could bring kids, care and coffee together to the benefit of the people in the country we love?

Our purpose at Kickstart Coffee is to help make dreams come true. 

  • The dreams of small coffee farmers on the slopes on Mt Elgon, Uganda, looking to grow their honest enterprises
  • The dreams of our Kickstart Kids – the Ugandan children we are connected with who have told us so much about wanting to become doctors, scientists, artist and engineers
  • The dreams of the teachers looking to change these children’s lives through education

    To make this happen we need passionate people in the team. Alison (left) has been supporting The Early Learning School since 2008 when she first visited Uganda. Agnes (right) is the director of the school and cares so greatly for the vulnerable children in her care. Hannah (Middle) first visited Uganda 2002 when she completed her elective nursing placement. Since then Uganda has become a second home. Reuben (Hannah's son) has made many friends at The Early Learning School and is always finding new ways of fundraising to buy food and clothes.