Brewing Success - School Update

Brewing Success - School Update

Over the past 18 months, The Early Learning School, Entebbe has seen a remarkable 165% increase in student population. With nearly 400 children attending daily, we continually assess the staffing levels and food services to ensure we meet the needs of our growing community.

In collaboration with Vivian, one of the school’s Directors, we recently revisited the monthly food budget. To continue offering nutritious and delicious meals, we need to increase the food budget by £800 per month, which equates to the revenue from selling 133 kg of coffee.

To further enhance the children's nutrition, we're excited to introduce "Watermelon Wednesday," a new initiative providing a refreshing and healthy treat every week.

Supporting the dedicated staff at the school is also a priority. This month, we've increased staff salaries to ensure there is fair wages across the workforce. Janet and Florence, the schools cleaners, received a 60% salary increase, which will significantly help support their families. Regular salary reviews are part of our commitment to encouraging a culture of fairness, ensuring that every team member feels valued and appropriately compensated for their hard work and dedication.   

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