Watermelon Wednesdays: A Slice of Happiness

Watermelon Wednesdays: A Slice of Happiness

June was a great month for Kickstart Coffee. We sent £6,500 to support our project in Uganda and celebrated the launch of our coffee into another thriving business in Cambridge. 

One of the highlights in June was increasing the school’s food budget, benefitting the 371 children and 32 staff members. This boost ensures that every child receives a nutritious meal each day, which is crucial because many of our students do not have access to an evening meal at home. Adequate nutrition is essential as it helps students stay focused in their lessons and learn. Watermelon Wednesday is now the highlight of the week for the children.

This month, the school held elections for the student leadership team. It was wonderful to see the children actively participate, exercising their voices in the school community. Each child had the opportunity to vote for 13 positions, including sports prefect, timekeeping prefect, head girl/boy, and sanitation prefect. We believe that nurturing this sense of responsibility and inclusion is essential for their personal development.

 The school’s academic performance has seen huge improvement over the past three years. To progress to secondary school, students must pass their primary exams. Since 2020, the pass rate has surged from 40% to an outstanding 100% this year. This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of our teachers, who go above and beyond to ensure that every child succeeds and can continue their educational journey.

Finally, we are excited to introduce our new initiative, Kickstart Girls, which focuses on promoting gender equality through education. In Uganda, only about 25% of girls attend secondary school due to financial and family constraints. Our goal is to change this by funding the education of girls as they transition from primary to secondary school and beyond. We also provide over 60 girls each month with essential hygiene products every month. This support removes a significant barrier caused by inadequate menstrual hygiene products, enabling girls to stay in school and continue their education uninterrupted. This project will cost about £10,000 every year which covers the cost of secondary education and monthly hygiene essentials.

Whether you enjoy coffee at home or at work, switching to Kickstart Coffee makes a real impact. Contact Hannah for samples for your workplace.

Together, we can continue to make a significant difference, one cup at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, let’s keep the momentum going and make every sip count.

directly. Let's keep the momentum going and make every sip count.

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