From coffee cherry to coffee cup

By Hannah Nunn

From coffee cherry to coffee cup

In Uganda the farmers on Mount Elgon are currently harvesting their coffee cherries. The process of turning coffee cherries into green beans is carried out in Uganda:
- Coffee cherries are hand picked at their optimum ripeness.
- Cherries are sorted in a floatation tank, where unripe ones float and are removed.
- The skin and pulp of the cherry is then removed.
- The remaining beans are then dried for two-to-three weeks.
- The cherries are then dehulled, removing the final 'parchment' layer.
- The remaining green beans are placed in hessian bags ready to be shipped.
We are delighted to have placed a further order of over half a tonne of their finest Arabica green beans (AA grade). This is possible because of your continued orders and support. The shipment will be arriving in the UK in March then roasted locally in Cambridge. This order enables the farmers to pay for their children’s school fees.
Below is a photo of Mathias who runs the coffee cooperative on Mount Elgon. We are grateful that we can support him and the local coffee farmers turning beans into dreams.

Kickstart coffee growing to perfection ready to be picked and turned into coffee beans.


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