Kickstart highlights

Kickstart highlights

This month we have sent money for three full time teachers and have introduced a weekly fruit delivery for the children. Schools continue to be closed but we are thankful that the children staying at the Early Learning School are safe and continuing to receive support and education from the teaching staff.

August's highlights:

  • Andrew, one of the teachers, has completed his writing course and has finished his first edition of a children’s book about the story of Stewart who has recently recovered from a heart operation.
  • Children sat their primary leaving exams with great results. Those children will move to secondary school when the schools reopen. Daisy discovered that painting is her passion during the pandemic and now hopes to study art in college.
  • The school has continued to support the community's single mothers with food items such as posho, beans and eggs.

We are now supplying coffee to local businesses and farm shops. This is a significant step and means that we can raise more money for the children and school. If you know of local businesses that may be interested, please do introduce us!

Thank you again for supporting Kickstart Coffee.

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