Full Time, Full Beans

Full Time, Full Beans

Two weeks ago I stepped down after 20 years as a Paediatric nurse to focus on Kickstart Coffee. I am delighted with the impact we have already had and looking forward to what we can achieve now it's my primary focus. Looking forward to learning new skills and seeing how much we can achieve.

The impact of Covid in Uganda has been devastating therefore we have focused on providing food to the local community. Weekly food parcels have been made which includes posho, beans, eggs, mushrooms, silverfish, motoke and soap. Supporting the local community is one of our key purposes and we feel grateful to be able to support so many during this difficult time.  

From the current subscriptions we are now able to cover Andrew and Joshua’s teachers salaries. With your help our ambition is to support all of the 15 teachers at the school. 

We were recently featured in Velvet magazine which gives you more information on Kickstart Coffee and our story so far.
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First Class coffee it has a sMoky TEXTURE that lingers on the TASTE buds,and knowing we are helping PEOPLE in need makes it taste even better.One HAppy Welshman😃


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