Kickstarting the new school year

Kickstarting the new school year

The Early Learning School has kicked off the new school year with a flurry of activity. As word spreads throughout the community, we've witnessed a surge in enrollments, children like Joseph, who arrived on the first day clutching 5000ugx (£1) for school fees. After meeting with Joseph's mother, we were able to welcome Joseph into the school community without the burden of school fees. This example shows our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in education. As of Friday, the school has 340 students, an increase of 78 from the previous term.

In order to accommodate the increase in pupil numbers the monthly food budget has been increased and a fresh focus on planting our own food on a farm outside Kampala. In January, 1.5 tonnes of maize was harvested which will provide morning porridge for the children for the next 4 months. Additional maize and matoke (plantain) will be planted next month for future harvests.
This term, three new teachers have joined the school, including Jovia, who will teach reading and maths. Her role will involve supporting the enhancement of literacy skills among children aged 5-8 years.

Last week, we transferred £5000 from the coffee profits to support the school's running costs, such as salaries, food, stationary, electricity bills and secondary school fees. When you choose Kickstart Coffee, you're directly helping to make these positive impacts possible. Thank you for supporting us in making a difference and empowering children through education.

Keep an eye out for impact leaflets in your online coffee deliveries. They'll provide additional information on our project, the school and how we use profits for impact. Thank you!

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I really appreciate your blog and getting the updates. I think this communication is vital in encouraging Christians to continue to purchase your coffee and to pray for the work of your charity. I am pleased to hear of the new leaflets to be included with coffee purchases. When coffee is gifted to others they can also see from these leaflets the over arching goals of the business and step onboard themselves.

Jacqueline Walker

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