Matoke plants & new guest coffee

Matoke plants & new guest coffee

Children in Uganda are currently enjoying a break from school giving the teachers a well earned rest. The classroom walls are currently bare so they will be receiving a makeover with additional funds we are sending. 

For Easter, we hosted an online raffle that raised £250 to help fund school fees for eight teenage girls. Congratulations to Peter and Fiona who won a box full of Uganda treats and thank you to all those who took part.

The Early Learning School we support grows their own food on a farm outside Kampala and this month we planted 10 new Matoke (plantain) plants. Matoke is a national dish usually steamed. During my trip in March I was lucky enough to see Matoke being harvested at the farm and handed out to the community families in their weekly food bundles.

Watch out for our new specialty guest coffee series that will be launched at the end of the month. Ssubi Roast aims to spark hope for the children we support in Uganda and like our other roasts every penny of profits will be used to ensure children can attend school without paying school fees. The first guest coffee is a Ugandan natural arabica from Omwani who source green beans directly from the coffee farmers around East Africa.

This month we continue to support nine full time teachers and provide food for 30 community families. 

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