Out with the old in with the new!

Out with the old in with the new!

It's been a busy month for Kickstart Coffee sourcing new packaging and labels. It turns out there’s a whole packaging world out there! Our current packaging is compostable, which we believed to be the most eco friendly. However, well managed composting is required for it to breakdown fully and if not disposed of correctly can contaminate recycling. Your feedback has been that currently recyclable is far more practical.  

In the hunt for the most sustainable recyclable and carbon neutral premium packaging we came across Dutch Coffee Pack. The new bags look amazing which is a massive bonus, next step is to stick our newly designed labels on the bags! Please continue to give us feedback about everything we do to help us make the best choices, not just for the children we support and the coffee farmers but all aspects of what we do. 

We received a great video from the children in Uganda thanking you for buying the coffee. Only primary school children in Uganda are back at school due to Covid restrictions. Luckily for the children at the school lessons are continuing for all the orphaned and disadvantaged children living at the school. We hope you enjoy watching the video. Thank you from the children and us for your continued support and Kickstart orders.



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That is a lovely message. We love drinking your coffee! It taste full of happiness, love, kindness and is yummy!


I love those videos!
….you’re very welcome!❤️

Lisa Axford

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