2021 Kickstart highlights

2021 Kickstart highlights

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your ongoing support and choosing Kickstart coffee. Below we’ve shared some of the highlights from 2021. Last year we were able to raise over £10k which is having a significant impact on the children and teachers at The Early Learning School, Entebbe.

Our goal for 2022 is to raise £30k so we can fund all school salaries as well as cover the school fees for teenage children who are going on to local secondary schools. 

The Early Learning School currently takes children up to 13 years old, after which they attend local secondary schools to continue their education. The families of these children are often unable to afford secondary school fees so Kickstart Coffee has an ambition to provide the support where needed. 

To reach our goal, we are planning to grow our corporate customers as well as increase subscriptions on the website. If you know of any businesses that may be interested, please do introduce us!

We would also love to increase our google reviews as they help us acquire new customers. If you’re able please leave a review here.

Have a happy and healthy 2022.

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