Impact from coffee!

Impact from coffee!

It's been two weeks since I returned from my visit to Uganda. The overwhelming need during my visit was for education and food for the children of single mothers who cannot afford school fees. 

I was lucky enough to meet a set of two year old quadruplets. Their living conditions were the worst I have seen, dirty and infested with flies, and they were all suffering from severe pneumonia and malnutrition. Our priority was to treat the pneumonia and find clean accommodation. Last week the family moved into new accommodation with a working toilet, a new bunk bed (they have never slept in a bed) and they had fully recovered from pneumonia. We will continue to support them to ensure they remain healthy. The parents are very grateful with renewed hope for the future. 

The school we support takes children from the ages of 3 to 13 years old. After this the children move to secondary school if they can afford the fees. We currently fund eight girls at secondary school at a total cost of £1,000 per term (£125 per child). There are many more teenagers within the community we’re keen to fund to attend secondary school. In order to cover the fees we are looking for more opportunities for growth. We supply some of the largest businesses in Cambridge and are looking for more! Please get in touch if your employer provides coffee at work and may be interested in buying Kickstart Coffee. 

To give a better understanding of where the money goes we have created a simple graph that we will share with you monthly. Thank you once again for choosing and drinking our coffee.

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Wonderful to see what you’re doing in Uganda – whilst Im enjoying Kickstart coffee !

Lucy Hackett

This is so great Hannah, thanks


Wow, that is amazing! So wonderful to get an insight into what you are achieving 😊


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