Good start to 2022

Good start to 2022

January has been an exciting month for us as we launched into two large businesses in Cambridge. The profits will continue to support teachers' salaries at The Early Learning School, Entebbe. Our aim this year is to be able to support all teaching staff which will cost £25,000. Supporting and valuing the teachers will ensure that the children receive a quality education which will enable them to have opportunities and find jobs when they leave school.

We have had some challenges this month with supply issues from Uganda. Sadly our first farmer has not been able to fulfil the order therefore we have had to find a new direct supplier in Uganda. The beans from the new supplier are grown in the same region and will be of the same high quality. I will be heading to Uganda in March to meet the new supplier and farmers before placing a large order which will secure our green bean requirements for the year. We would love to hear from you to find out if buying direct is important to you. 

This week we had new product photos taken for the website. Steve Wright Photography captured some amazing shots that have brought the coffee to life. The website will be updated next month to include more of his photos. 

Today, January's coffee profits have been sent to Uganda which have included money for seven full time teachers, food for the community families and extra money to repair the playground. We are only able to support this project because of you drinking coffee. Thank you for your orders and please continue to support us. Kamaacha Roast is now back on the website, orders of beans will be posted on Wednesday.

When I head to Uganda in March I would love to take a suitcase full of football shirts. The children and teachers love football but the tops are too much money to buy (sometimes their whole monthly salary). If you have any spare shirts please get in touch via email.

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