School Rewiring Project

School Rewiring Project

In addition to covering the operational costs of The Early Learning School, Entebbe, we also support necessary improvement projects. These are typically one-time projects aimed at improving the school environment.

During our visit to the school in October, it was highlighted that the electrical wiring was inadequate and posed a serious safety risk. Live wires were exposed in one of the classrooms, and all lights across the school site were broken. The electrical system frequently experienced short-circuits due to the unstable wiring.

Following the visit we found a qualified electrician who provided a quote for a complete rewiring of the school. The project cost £6,870, which was funded through profits generated from coffee sales and a generous contribution from a company called Jumptech.

The project took three weeks to complete and has had several benefits, with safety being the foremost. There are no longer any exposed live wires, and the school premises are now well-lit both day and night. Prior to the project, the lack of lighting overnight posed a security risk to the individuals living on site. The installation of a new electric bell has been particularly exciting for the children.

You can find more details of the project here.

This week, the water pump at the school broke down. Consequently, we have our next project lined up to ensure that both the school and the community have access to clean water. Watch this space.

We appreciate your choice of our coffee and the positive impact it makes.

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