Time to reflect

Time to reflect

It's been a year since I stepped down from my full time role as a children's nurse to focus my time and energy growing Kickstart Coffee. Although I miss the hospital and my NHS family, the impact we are seeing in Uganda has been significant.

During this time, we have gone from selling online to supplying eight businesses coffee to their offices. This has seen our profits increase from £700 to nearly £2500 per month. This enables us to now fund ten full time teachers, up from three this time last year. Our food project continues as well as planting trees at a local farm every month. This week the farm harvested maize, hope you enjoy watching the video. To fully sustain the school we need to continue our growth online as well as find new business customers. 

The current economic climate has resulted in all of our costs increasing, impacting our profits. In Uganda, food prices have doubled since the invasion of Ukraine. Posho (staple food source) has increased from 2000ugx to 4000ugx per Kg. For the single mother's in our community this increase means that the children will eat less because they don't have the resources to earn more. To help us support these families, we will be making changes to the website, updating our subscriptions and adding new items. 

We remain focused on supporting 1,000 children by 2025. Your support has already impacted many children and their families lives, and we're grateful for your ongoing support sharing our story, tagging us in your social media and of course, by simply buying the coffee! Other ways you can support include leaving a Google review here and if you work in an office, recommending us to your facilities and catering managers. 

We are looking forward to next year, seeing the increased impact and having lots of fun along the way.

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